Earn on Literatus

Literatus is a multi-lingual blogging platform where authors can earn by writing. You can sell yours posts here and earn from each sale!

Can I sell my writings?

Yes! Everyone can publish and sell their writings on Literatus. All you need is to sign up and publish a post.

How can I set a price for my post?

You should flag your post as Paid and set a price for it before submitting the form on New Story page.

Then you'll see a part of your post labeled with a green background. This implies that readers can see green labeled part of your post for free but they will have to pay if you want to continue to read.

Do I earn from every sale?

Yes. Every reader has to pay the price to read the full post separately.

In the video below you can see that a reader buys a post at $0.10.

Is there a minimum withdrawal threshold?

Practically no. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0001 BSV (Bitcoin SV) which equals only a few cents.

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is a fast and reliable cryptocurrency. User balances on Literatus is represented as Bitcoin SV (BSV) in their wallets and all deposited funds are automatically converted to BSV.

How can I withdraw my balance?

You can withdraw your balance as Bitcoin SV. You need to send it to a cryptocurrency exchange for conversion to your national currency, or directly to your cryptocurrency wallet.

You can find list of exchanges here and here.

How much commission does Literatus take?

Literatus takes 10% for each sale.